Buying Your HomeHome ImprovementPodcast September 6, 2019

Ep 31 Flea Free Home And Pets


Guest Alex of East Lane Veterinary Hospital shares tips and treatments to prevent in-home and pet flea or tick infestations.


East Lane Veterinary Hospital




42755 McKenzie Hwy

Leaburg, OR 97489

Closed Sunday


Episode 30 – Moving With Pets

Episode 32 – Find A Loving Home For Your Pet    (coming soon)



The Humane Society of the US: Travel Safely with Your Pet by Car, Airplane, Ship or Train



Greenhill Humane Society

88530 Green Hill Rd

Eugene, OR 97402


Tuesday – Saturday 10am-6pm



1st Avenue Shelter

3970 W. 1st Avenue

Eugene, OR 97402


Closed Sunday-Tuesday



Connect with Judy to start planning your next best move.

Call or text 541-968-2400


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