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Podcast author, Judy Casad

Real Estate Broker with Windermere in Lane County

Licensed to help you Buy or Sell in the State of Oregon

Podcast Episodes



Season 2021

Ep 49  Leveraging Home Equity - What it is and how you use it   Guest Joshua Kittel

Ep 50  Life in Rainbow, Oregon - McKenzie River coming soon

Ep 51  Life in Blue River, Oregon - McKenzie River coming soon

Ep 52  New Home Construction Inspections - Timing is everything!  Guest Brandi Verkempinck

Ep 53  Do It Right The First Time - Permits and Appraisals  Guest Sara Fraser

Ep 54   How To Create A Thriveable Home - Embracing Accessibility, Adaptability & Visitability   Guest Stacia Hood

Ep 55  Prevent Erosion  - Use Native Plants -  Pure Water Partners Offer Assistance  Guest Lily Leitermann


Season 2020

Ep 42  How Seismic Activity Effects Your Community   Guest JB Carney

Ep 43  Story Exercises To Determine Your Stage Of Aging   Guest Anne Maggs

Ep 44  Remove Pet Odors Permanently   with Guest Scott Stewart

Ep 45  Grab And Go Emergency Kit    Guest JB Carney

Ep 46  Survival Kit For Your Home And Family  Guest JB Carney

Ep 47  Projects To Make My House Earthquake Sound   Guest JB Carney

Season 2019

Ep 2  Organizing & Downsizing    Guest Patty Starr

Ep 3  Flood Zone - What Home Owners Need to Know   By Judy Casad

Ep 4  Flood Zone - What Buyers Need to Know    By Judy Casad

Ep 5   6 Top Health Benefits of Decluttering, pt 1    Guest Patty Starr

Ep 6   6 Top Health Benefits of Decluttering, pt 2    Guest Patty Starr

Ep 7   What Owners Should Know About Septic Systems     Guest Roy Keene

Ep 8   Even “Home Inspectors” Suffer From First Impressions     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 9   Fix The Basics     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 10  Phone Case Syndrome     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 11  Making Your Last Home Your Best     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 12  Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Home Inspection     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 13  Buy Quality, Not Size     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 14  Don’t Over Estimate Your Skills     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 15  Gather Your Records     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 16  Uncertified Home Improvements     Guest Ron Bovee

Ep 17  Life Insurance     Guest Joshua Cloke

Ep 18  Pension Selection      Guest Joshua Cloke

Ep 19  Five Major Fears In Retirement     Guest Joshua Cloke

Ep 20  You Don’t Have To Do It Alone     Guest Diana Masarie

Ep 21  More Quality Family Time     Guest Diana Masarie

Ep 22  Guidance To Downsize Your Move On Your Own    Guest Diana Masarie

Ep 23  Book-Ending A Move In Or Out Of State     Guest Diana Masarie

Ep 24  Waterfront Rules For Riparian Zone  with Judy Casad

Ep 25  Pricing Right For The Market     Guest Elliot Wood

Ep 27  Art From A Childs Perspective

Ep 28 Paint Once To Last A Lifetime    Guests Nick Forrest and Shawn Derby

Ep 29 Paint Pests     Guests Nick Forrest and Shawn Derby

Ep 30  Moving With Pets    Guest Alex of East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Ep 31  Flea Free Home And Pets    Guest Alex of East Lane Veterinary Hospital

Ep 34  The Alexander Bend, Senior Adult Community  with Guest Judy Williams

Ep 35  Upgrades. When And Why     Guest Matt White

Ep 36  Curb Appeal On A Budget     Guest Thomas Howard

Ep 37  Unknown Odor Sources. Solutions To Remove Odors     Guest Scott Stewart

Ep 38  Nose Blindness Can Cost You Buyers     Guest Scott Stewart

Ep 39  Non-Toxic Odor Free Living. Be Proactive. Remove Odors.    Guest Scott Stewart

Ep 40  A Realtor's Life. Featuring Bill Medford    Guest Bill Medford







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