Planning Your Build

Now is the time to clean-up and Rebuild or Sell.  What does this mean? What can we expect?

Let's look at the Carr fire near Redding California from July 2018. It burned 1,000+ homes and structures. The year after the fire was difficult because people who lost their homes, rented until they could figure out if they were going to rebuild or sell the lot to purchase a new home. Many of them moved out of California. 

The homes on large wooded lots that have burned trees and brush still standing have been more difficult to sell and fewer people have rebuilt on those properties.
Most of the homes in areas where the burned landscape is pretty ugly are being rebuilt by the homeowner.  Not many contractors purchase those lots to build spec homes.

25-35% of homeowners rebuild after 2 years. Most people take their insurance money and purchase a standing home or leave the area.  Many people who had homes that survived in the burn area are living in them because they can't sell them.

*Information regarding the Carr Fire was provided by Fredericka Martin, Broker and Owner of Windermere NorCal Properties in Redding CA

Contact Judy Casad if you want to strategize about your Real Estate Goals or just talk about your options.  If you are out-of-state, and need help to assess your property to determine it's condition - give me a call at 541-968-2400   I'm here to help.



Looking to buy a home now?

This link will search the East Eugene, Springfield, Thurston and McKenzie River Valley for homes and land available on the Market.

WILD-FIRE And How It Affects Real Estate Investments

There are many variables for value of property.  Much has to do with loss of structures, where they were in relation to the flood plain or riparian zone. Also the condition: Debris and hazardous materials cleaned up and utilities in working order. Visually: the vegetation can make an impact, but it is not always a deal breaker for Buyers.

Many home owners are paying out-of-pocket for cleanup with savings or Home Equity, OR, they will be reimbursed with their insurance coverage.  Other home owners are waiting for FEMA/ODOT to clean-up.  Before debris removal, the contractors hired by ODOT are removing damaged timber before they work on individual sites.  This process can take up to 18 months.

It is said that it will take 18-24 months to rebuild. Contractors and service providers are overloaded even without this tragic loss of property and personal possessions. Companies are coming in from out of the area to help.  It doesn't happen overnight.

Demand for the McKenzie River lifestyle is high, even with the current loss of trees and infrastructure.  The local Real Estate Market has very little inventory, which allows Sellers to have the upper hand in property values.

Contact me and I'll provide you with a complimentary valuation of your property to help you determine your plans to rebuild or sell.

Lane County would like to adjust the deadline to apply for a rebuild due to the enormous clean-up necessary and understaffing to inspect and write-up permits.  However, it is up to the State.  Our legislators are working to extend this timeline.  3 staff members have been added to the LC Planning team for a 2-year limited duration to prioritize permits related to the fire.

RIVERFRONT  PROPERTY - Secure Your Bank - Protect Watershed

EWEB is very conscientious of the need to protect our watershed from toxins washing into our creeks and rivers.

McKenzie Watershed contact person is Jennifer Weber to obtain a form to give permission for Youth Corps to stabilize your bank by spraying seed and mulch. (458) 201-8150‬

EWEB, McKenzie River Trust and the McKenzie Watershed Council partnered up with Oregon Soil and Water Conservation District to provide Free Service to replant the riparian zone along the creek.  A 7 yr plan where they plant and provide all the maintenance.  It's worth signing up for this amazing assistance: PureWaterPartners Program through the EWEB website:


Listen to the podcast episode Ep 55 - Prevent Erosion - Use Native Plants - Pure Water Partners Offer Assistance

Or, on your favorite podcast app, search for Your Best Move EVER

NOTE: Contractors are removing damaged and danger trees before debris from properties.

Blue dots- cut tree
Blue x - cut tree near overhead lines
Red dots - extreme hazard tree
White dot- tree has been examined by an arborist and are NOT to be taken.
NOTE: Foundations will be required to have a core sample inspected to pass for your build. You may avoid that process by allowing the entire concrete foundation removed and start fresh.

Well Assessment - Application for a FREE Well Testing Voucher for domestic (private) sells in wildfire impacted areas.  Oregon Water Resources Department website and flyer below...

Geo-Technical Hazard

Recent interest and awareness of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the potential for large earthquakes in Oregon has produced a wealth of information that identified potential hazards.
Lane County Building Safety  has begun to review residential structural permits to more closely evaluate these hazards. A geotechnical or soils report (OSSC Section 1803.6) from a  qualified licensed professional in Oregon will be required if the site for the proposed structure does not meet ascending and descending setback requirements, is identified within a liquefaction or landslide hazard area, will be located on a slope 20% (2:10 or 11.3 degrees) or greater prior to excavation, or is required by the Planning Program to have a special foundation system. Click the following link to for further information as to when a report will be required.  Geo-Technical Hazards Notice.



Adjust Your Annual Property Tax

Contact the Lane County Assessor to fill out forms to appeal your tax statement to reflect the loss. I can provide you with the form. OR, email me and I'll provide you with the forms.


Applying for your build permit can be challenging if you are doing it on your own.  Many contractors will do it for you, however, make sure you submit a complete plan before the current deadline of September 6-7, 2021. State Legislators are working at extending the deadline, as a new deadline has to come from the State level of government.

NOTE:  If you do not file a complete plan with your application, your application will go to the end of the line!

Click link: Access To  Lane County Planning Resources

Contact a Lane County Planner to verify the steps you need to take to submit a successful Build plan application - specific to your property's location.


Typically, applying for a building permit involves a preliminary consultation with the planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty. Once these consultations are completed, an intake meeting is scheduled called the “Building Permit Review Meeting” (BPRM). During the temporary lobby closure, a two-step process will still be required with some changes:

  • To apply for a building permit:

Step 1: Please discuss your project with a planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty. Provide a scaled 11x17 site plan for their review. Additional preliminary permit application materials may be provided if you would like feedback.

Step 2: After the planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty consultation and site plan review is completed, you may proceed with submitting your building permit application materials. We will review all materials in our offices and notify you via phone, email, or letter if any additional information or materials are needed after submittal.

  • An in-person BPRM meeting will not be scheduled. Staff will contact you when permit creation is scheduled and when permits are ready for fee submittal.

I have the complete instructions and can email them to you upon your request.  This is the front page:

Lane County Permit for Temporary RV use as a Dwelling Unit

No fee to apply. However there is a fine if you do not have it in your possession

Click here for application and more information.


Determining Timber Value

OREGON Contractors License Search - certified contractors listed here.

INSURANCE ADVOCATES  Available to answer insurance and financial questions. 8-5pm M-F at 888-877-4894 (toll-free)

Sheriff 541-682-3977

Lane Senior Guide - Lane County's most comprehensive resource for Senior Adults.

EWEB Safety and Support   Post-fire erosion inspections along riparian zone (river or creek).  They must have Home Owner's permission to be on the property.

Lane Electric Cooperative

Pure Water Partners Program - Property Assessment Request

Power Outage Confirmation Letter for either FEMA or Insurance purposes

Email or call 541-484-1151 to request one and they  email or mail you a copy asap.

CALL LINE:  Residents who are affected by the Holiday Farm Fire who have inquiries 541-682-3977

McKenzie Community Development Corp

Blue River Water District




Property Assessment Request

Strube flats open for yard debris drop off

McKenzie Highway Relief Centers – What You Need to Know

Disaster Unemployment Assistance AVAILABLE NOW

Certain Oregon disaster survivors who have lost work as a direct result of the Oregon wildfires since Sept. 7 are eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA).

DUA benefits are available to workers and is federally designated for disaster assistance Read More Here

Asbestos and Fire Cleanup Flowchart


Use the "How to Draw a Site Plan" handout to produce a site plan.  Submit the site plan, a completed "Building-Sanitation Permit Application" form, the application fee, and a letter describing the need for the emergency permit in detail.

To apply, contact the Planner on Duty at 541-682-3577

For septic system questions call: 541-682-3754

For electrical or plumbing permit questions call: 541-682-4651

Holiday Farm Fire Rebuilding Website


If your property is in high risk for landslides, specially post-fire and coming into the rainy season, visit this site to determine if your proposed RV location could be at risk.


Please consider donating directly to the McKenzie CDC who will direct funds to recovery efforts on the ground in the McKenzie River valley. Use the Paypal Donate button below to help support the residents of the valley that has been so badly scarred by the Holiday Farm Fire. https:/
Helping the families affected by displacement
  • United Way of Lane County's Wildfire Response Fund
  • Every Child Lane County
  • Greenhill Humane Society
  • White Bird Clinic
  • Oregon Cancer Foundation
  • The Red Cross 888-680-1455 or 503-284-1234; 440 E Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401
  • Catholic Community Services of Lane County Individuals or head of households receive a $250 VISA cash gift card upon showing ID or proof of residence in evacuation zone.  Distribution is limited to one card per address. Springfield Community Center, 1025 G St, 541-345-3628 ext 326
Cleaning up our Land and Watershed

McKenzie River Trust • Update For Finn Rock Reach

As the smoke clears, we’re getting first views of the effects of the recent fire on the floodplain and lower forest slopes at Finn Rock Reach and the Middle McKenzie area. And there is hope. The logs placed in-stream for the South Fork floodplain restoration project area sustained little damage. Chinook salmon are actively spawning in the South Fork and at Finn Rock Reach. Plants are already beginning to re-emerge in some lightly burned areas.
EWEB, the McKenzie Watershed Council, the Upper Willamette Soil and Water Conservation District, McKenzie River Trust and others in the Pure Water Partners are gathering resources to help people whose lands have been affected by the fires. We have years of work ahead of us. But our commitment to each other and to this place is strong. We are grateful for all that you do to make this work possible.